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Sustainable Transport: Key to Climate Change Mitigation

Climate Change is clearly the greatest threat the world faces today. Transport Sector contributes to around a quarter of energy use & related greenhouse gas emissions that have led to Climate Change. Also, while other sectors have managed to reduce their energy use and related emissions; the transport sector emissions have been consistently increasing. Reducing energy issue in the transport sector is among the most challenging task in Climate Change Mitigation especially given that the transports eco-footprint is intrinsically linked with a city’s urban form and structure.

Venue : Uris hall , Room 301, Columbia Business School , New York
Time: 5:45 – 8:45 pm
Date: 14th October

  • Ø Registration
  • Ø Welcome:
  • Ø Introduction : The Sustainability Agenda , Prathima Manohar – The Urban Vision
  • Ø Energy ,City models & Sustainable Transport ,Earl Jackson , Associate Director , SOM
  • Ø Placemaking – Creating the City of the Future, Fred Kent , President , PPS
  • Ø Intelligent Technologies for Energy Efficient Transit, Dan Collins, Intelligent Transportation Solutions, IBM.
  • Ø What is sustainable Transport , Aaron Naparstek, editor-in-chief of Streetsblog and director of the Livable Streets
  • Ø New Ideas for Transit – Perpetual Super Train, Joseph Habboushe
  • Ø Discussion & Q& A.

The format includes brief addresses on key issues followed by discussions.
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