Reimagining the city from a Woman’s Perspective
We are excited to release this primer on Women Friendly cities at the UN Urban Thinkers Campus in Mumbai today. This forum is in Collaboration with Safe City at DICE Districts ISDI ACE along with DevelopmatriX , U.S. Consulate General Mumbai , BMW Foundation , Herbert Quandt and Swedish Institute
A city designed to make women, children, vulnerable communities or elderly safe is a great city for all.This primer aims to highlight urban design , policy strategies & citizen actions that can make for a more inclusive & safe urban environment for women. Let us know what you think. We hope this to be a set of principles that will continue to evolve with citizen inputs.
This campaign is in collaboration with Safe City , a NGO in Mumbai. This initiative is supported by Stanford Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law’s Collaboration Grants Initiative as part of the Omidyar Network Leadership Forum.
Safe City For Women Primer

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