This year’s Leaders Study Program on Urban Innovations took place in Vancouver which is among the world’s most livable & green cities.The city’s extraordinary success meant that the city’s name itself has come to be known worldwide for a new model for urban living. “Vancouverism” is an exemplary model of planning, sustainability, architecture and engineering. The New York Times explained this phenomenon , “Vancouverism is characterized by tall, but widely separated, slender towers, interspersed with low-rise buildings, public spaces, small parks and pedestrian-friendly streetscapes and facades to minimize the impact of a high-density population.” “Vancouverism” is now synonymous with tower-podium urban form and human scale architecture interspersed with green space.The city’s much admired urban form is seen as an ideal mix of the tall high density buildings seen in Asia sewn together with the walkability and human scale architecture of Europe.

A walk tour on Vancouverism : A Model city with Larry Beasley , Father of Vancouverism & Former Director of City Planning, Vancouver City Government.

We explored Inner-City, False Creek area and learnt about the design of Vancouver-style, tall, skinny high-rise towers set on high street retail / townhouse. This session  highlighted history and principles of the transformation of Vancouver.

Visit to Vancouver City Hall

We met with Vancouver City Hall where we explored –
. City-wide planning principles/financing growth
·Housing Vancouver highlights
· Greenest City highlights

The HybridCity : Making of Vancouverism with Trevor Boddy , Urbanist & Architecture Critic


Vancouver Architecture Boat Cruise & reception


Public Spaces : Places for People with Andrew Pask, Urban Planner , Vancouver Metro Government & Founder – Vancouver Public Space Network

We studied strategies towards vibrant and memorable public spaces from plazas to parklets, and laneway art to public squares

Climate Resilience & Green Icons : Green Infrastructure

Rain City Strategy Green Roofs , Rain Streets& Gardens at Olympic Waterfront with Vancouver Metro Government’s Climate Resilience team Wendy De Hong & Melina Scholefield.

Vancouver’s Granville Island: Setting the standard for urban design

We meet with Dale Mclaganan, Chairman , Granville Island Trust

New design typologies for high-rise living .

Renown Vancouver Architect Arno Mattis shares the evolution of high rise designs in the city.

Downtown Vancouver Architecture Walk

Emerging Satellite Cities – From Strip Malls to High Density Urbanism & Common Wealth

Bob Ransford , Developer & Writer talks to us about the transformation of emerging satellite city Surrey.

Wellness & Health in buildings

Ideas for City Transformation & Urban Innovations


The Green City

Round Table : Real Estate trends in Vancouver & opportunities for Indo Canadian Collaboration

Photo Gallery 

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