Episode-1 will focus on rethinking high density housing. Our guests will be Moshe Safdie, founder of Cambridge, USA based Safdie Architects, and Ma Yansong , founder of Beijing and Los Angeles-based MAD architects. Safdie changed how the world thinks about high density housing with Habitat, a pavilion for Montreal’s Expo 67 that incorporated prefabricated construction and public and private outdoor spaces into a highly intricate multifamily residence. He’s recently built new Habitat projects in Singapore, China, and Sri Lanka. Yansong is inspired by the ideals of “Shanshui City,” which entails harmonizing nature , the urban landscape, and society in novel ways through architecture. He a has explored typological alternatives for urban housing, like hybrid urban courtyard concepts and high density vertical villages.

The series is co-hosted by New York-based architectural writer Sam Lubell, who has written ten books about architecture, and contributes regularly to the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and Architectural Digest; and Bangalore-based Social Entrepreneur Prathima Manohar, founder of think do tank The Urban Vision. Our goal is to provide an international perspective, mixing guests from different continents.

ArchDaily is the main media partner on this series.

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