The reason we have never built malls is because our focus has never been on individual building.
Our focus has always been on creating communities and great places to live.
So when we develop clusters of buildings you have to look at what is relevant to the entire community. In Powai, we have more than sixty buildings where some are large, some small, some seven stories, some are thirty six stories, some are residential and some are commercial.
It is a huge mix of activity. We have a hospital, a school, a hotel and leisure destinations with adequate green spaces.
If we had created a mall we would create a dense activity at one spot within the community, which would encourage the use of the private automobile because even if it’s a relatively short distance people are encouraged to go by car.
If there are shops along the street you are encouraged to walk along the street all along the way and enjoy the experience. You will move from one place to another without getting any feeling of insecurity or boredom. That’s why you see in New York today, people love to walk and the people who live in so called crowded, congested New York are the healthiest people in United States .They have the opportunity to walk and enjoy their walk.

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