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Affordable Housing Strategy:
The city has a housing shortage of 2.62 million units in 2009.This will almost double to 4.47 by 2025 if not addressed. We need to develop new strategies and tools to solve the crisis.
Develop a Climate Change Action Plan
Many scientists agree that even the current level of carbon in our atmosphere is going to contribute to changes in our environment. So even though it is important to mitigate climate change or reduce the carbon emissions. There is an urgent need for adapting Mumbai City to climate change impacts and a future of extreme climate events. It needs to start with a comprehensive scientific analysis and modeling to understand the potential impacts of climate change on the city.
Improve Public spaces & Become Pedestrian friendly
Creation of grand cultural destinations & public spaces for all the citizens of the city … There is especially a need to make the city more pedestrian friendly and invest in pedestrian infrastructure. The city also needs to focus on Non-Motorized Transit Infrastructure.

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