Treescraper Tower of Tomorrow by Leading architect William McDonough
Treescraper Tower of Tomorrow by Leading architect William McDonough

Sustainable construction is now a frequently used term which simply means a common-sense approach to the property design and procurement. It is a synergy between the stake holder’s viz., designers, investors & developers, occupiers & builders which can result in improved building performance in all aspects and leading to sustainable benefits.

Energy is one of the tenets of sustainability. The operational energy use and associated emissions to air during the life of the building is 85 to 95% of the total energy and emissions (including that embodied in construction materials and used for maintenance). Saving energy reduces the use of natural resources as fuel, the need for additional power plants to generate electricity, and the energy and emissions associated with obtaining and using these fuel sources.

Buildings are designed to meet occupants’ needs for thermally comfortable, well-lit, well ventilated spaces. Energy in buildings provides for lighting, appliances and equipment, and service hot water. It is also used to condition interior spaces with ventilation and temperature control. Energy used for temperature control provides heating, cooling, and circulation.

One of the biggest challenges the architects are facing is to control the energy consumption in buildings. An intelligent building connects as many systems, devices, and applications as possible to a converged network. As more and more of these building systems begin to incorporate an Ethernet connection and begin to use Internet protocol (IP), the easier the connection to the converged network can be.

With that, building owners and facility managers can realize the benefits of network integration of the various systems, devices, and applications within their buildings, enabling them to cost effectively and more efficiently manage building operations for reduced business expenses and increased savings.

World Standards Day is celebrated on October 14th every year. The theme for the 2008 World Standard Day was “Intelligent and Sustainable Buildings”. Energy efficiency, safety, security and communication are issues that are crucial for the construction sector. It is felt that Sustainability principles combined with state-of-the art information and communication technology (ICT) will ensure that commercial, government and residential buildings meet these requirements.

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