Placemaking as a winning Real-estate development Strategy:

” A Great Public Space the new Anchor tenant” : Ethan Kent , PPS, NYC

In today’s competitive real estate market, the key factor that affects people’s real-estate choice is the quality of life & amenities of a place. The place one lives in can impact you in simple, positive ways from being able to enjoy a walk in the neighbourhood park or having access to a great school or place of culture.

All of us have experienced places in our cities that we love and adore. What makes these places loved? These are places where people want to hang out and relax and not just walk through.

Developments around the world are zealously attempting to create such places which are special , where people want to come to live, to work, to play and to learn. The practice of placemaking is one methods used to achieve this. The goal here is to create places which we cherish where people want to go and linger.

Placemaking is a multi-disciplinary tactic to shape market demand and livability by enhancing the social, physical, cultural and economic qualities of a place. Placemaking can be employed to craft a special liveable places; increasing footfalls; creating a unique identity & buzz around the place as well as building community goodwill.

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Prathima Manohar Prathima Manohar is the Founder of the Urbanism think do-tank “The Urban Vision . Prathima holds a bachelors degree in Architecture. She was awarded Stanford University’s prestigious Draper Hills Fellowship bestowed to rising international stars who work on issues related to Democracy and Development in 2011. She has been a Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center Fellow where she studied ICT for Good Governance, Gov 2.0 as well as entrepreneurship, Adaptive Leadership and Strategic Planning. She consults on urban design & urban policy related subjects with architecture and large development firms. As an urbanist, she has worked on projects and researched on issues such as placemaking , affordable housing, participatory planning and green cities. She has been a contributing columnist on architecture, urban development and design with India’s Leading News daily – The Times of India. She has been a contributing TV Journalist with France24 and TF1 where she did news reports and several documentaries on Indian economy, Developmental and Cultural issues. She has also written for the opinion pages of the International Herald Tribune , The Wall Street Journal and has reviewed for the Architecture Record. In 2017 , She was listed as top 50 Most Impactful Global Social Innovators at World CSR Day. She was awarded by the iGen Design Forum 2016 as the top 50 Next Generation Architects driving innovations in Indian Urbanscape . She was among Global Honourees of 2009 CONSIUSA’s “Young Leaders Program” which reconizes emerging leaders under the age of 40, who have distinguished themselves and have demonstrated leadership qualities and potential in various careers