“Be the change you want to see in this world” – Gandhi

“Civic Dialogue Bengaluru” was conceived in pursuit of ideas for a better Bengaluru and to spur the citizens to rise up to revive their city. We will be looking for leadership from the citizens of India’s IT capital to address the cities ever growing problems.

Big Ideas. Small Ideas. We want them all.

Civic Dialogue is a public dialogue in which participants (students & young professionals) discuss civic issues, policies and decisions of consequence to their lives, communities and society. This program is conceived to encourage a vigorous, well-informed discussion on the city stage about the major issues of the city by engaging the citizens in the city.

The Process

Civic Dialogue is structured as a monthly competition to Report Civic Problems and strategize to solve them and implement ideas with our NGO Collaborative to build a   better Bengaluru.

The Strategy & Reporting Competitions

We pick topics every 2 months outlining a major civic problem and you report problems on our interactive map on the theme and come up with ideas to solve these problems.  We will then work with a network of NGO’s to ensure that we get the ball rolling in implementing these solutions at least in a small way. What’s more? The winners are set to get attractive prizes including holiday vouchers at a beach resort in Karnataka and the brand new windows 7  Operating System software.

Quarterly Meet ups & Awards

Every quarter we will organize a meet up to showcase our winning City Strategists as well as a number of other change drivers who are working towards making bengaluru a better place to live. We will also announce the Civic Leader institution Award (chosen from a pool of registered institutions & Organziations)

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