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  • Vancouver Urbanism Innovations: 2018 Urban Leaders Program Summary

    This year’s Leaders Study Program on Urban Innovations took place in Vancouver which is among the world’s most livable & green cities.The city’s extraordinary success meant that the city’s name itself has come to be known worldwide for a new model for urban living. “Vancouverism” […]

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    “Edge is one of the most important elements of an urban structure. It is essential that the building edge be a livable place with a variety of activities. It should be surrounded by various activities, such as gathering space where people could connect socially and […]

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  • Bollywood Star Imran Khan says we need Livable cities!

    Bollywood Star Imran Khan thinks we need to make our cities great places to live & shares his thoughts on why.

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  • “A sidewalk is the most important component of a livable city”

    “A sidewalk is known as a footpath, foot-way or pavement. It is a path along the side of a road. It may accommodate moderate changes in grade (height) and is normally separated from the vehicular section by a curb. A zone to ensuring smooth, comfortable, […]

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    “The Street hierarchy ranging from major to minor roads are an organizing element in urban planning and design based on functions & capacities. Minor streets are link between the main streets and the residential part of the city with local pedestrian movement. By width it […]

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  • Livable Street Standards : What is a Major Road?

    “The Street hierarchy ranging from major to minor roads are an organizing element in urban planning and design based on functions & capacities . A Major road ( also called collector road /arterial road ) is a high-capacity urban road. About : | Visual Dictionary […]

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  • Making Special Places by Honoring History

    Public Space improvement project aimed at honoring the rich history & Heritage of mid-town Mumbai

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  • Malls are a nightmare for a city!

    A mall typically is in an isolated place away from a high street and typically has a large car park area. People drive in from miles. They don’t walk to the mall, they drive to the mall, park their cars in this huge car park […]

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  • A report on Maximizing Mumbai’s parks : Karishma Makeshwar & Rishi Aggarwal

    A Video summary of a report on increasing the availability of public gardens for citizens in Mumbai by removing time restrictions on the use of gardens . Co-authors Rishi Aggarwal & Karishma Makeshwar summarize the report and share some shocking facts on Mumbai’s Parks.

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  • Pere Buil: Barcelona’s public space focus is due to Democracy

    Pere Buil graduated from ETSAB (Barcelona, 2000). Founder of vora arquitectura with Toni Riba, an architectural studio located in Barcelona. Their works have been published in several international magazines. They have been awarded with, among others, A+ 2011, AJAC awards 2012, San Marco Awards 2013, […]

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  • The Urban Vision : Capture the BIG Picture
    IMG_2990IMG_3780IMG_3708IMG_3756IMG_3738New Urban Fused Grid QuadrantsNew Urban Fused Grid QuadrantsFused Grid neighbourhood planMarrakesh - Central square open market
  • About : The Urban Vision

    The Urban Vision is a social venture & a think-do-tank which was instituted to inspire next generation urbanization.The organization focuses on solutions driven research; advocates & consults on best practices in policy and design; facilitates public dialogue on policy choices.

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    The Urban Vision | | Address: # 104, Blue Cross Chambers,#11, Infantry Cross Road, Bangalore – 560001 Karnataka