“Building Livable Cities : Ideas Symposium” : The India Architecture & Urbanism Forum 2012

“Building Livable Cities : Ideas Symposium” is an investigation on ideas that can make Indian cities Livable. This symposium will feature lightning talks on ideas that address the pressing challenges of urban India so as to create a framework and road map towards a city that is sustainable, Inclusive & Livable. Confirmed Speakers Include: Marcie Cohen, Board Member ,National Low Income Housing Coalition, Washington DC, USA Jayashree Narayana Director ,Gateway Planning Group, Texas ,USA Ethan Kent ,Project for Public Spaces, New York,USA Jeffrey Raven, RAVEN A+U / Director, Urban + Regional Design Program, New York Institute of Technology-Manhattan ,New York, USA Caroline Lobo, Director , Orcutt I Winslow, Phoenix ,USA Yehuda Raff,Director ,The Fringe Innovation District ,The Cape Town Partnership, Cape Town , South Africa Teresa Mcwaters, Researcher Raj Janagam,Founder , Cycle Chalao, Mumbai ,India The Ideas symposium will feature a series of ignite style lightning talks focused on ideas that can make cities Livable , Sustainable & Inclusive.We will have an interactive discussion followed by these presentations. About :The India Architecture & Urbanism Forum( IAUF) is anchored by the week-long Urban Development & Architecture Immersion Program in Mumbai featuring a group of global architects, urbanism practitioners and other infrastructure professionals. The immersion program is designed to create opportunities for exchange on innovation in a wide spectrum of issues in the arena of architecture, built environment, planning, city building, real estate and infrastructure development. The objective of the program is to create ways for participants to better understand the opportunities & challenges in India’s growing cities and advocacy of innovative practices that can enable livable , inclusive & sustainable urbanization.

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